International Certified Diamonds


Eleven Value is the only company in the sector that accompanies all its contracts with Digital Certifications with international legal relevance.


Eleven Value offers you the opportunity to diversify your investments through certified diamonds to defend your assets.


Eleven Value is able to offer a safekeeping service for your diamonds according to the highest safety standards.


Relocating your diamonds is a simple operation. The sale of a movable asset such as diamonds is not subject to tax.

IGI GIA and HRD Certified Diamonds 


Eleven Value is the only company in the sector that accompanies all its contracts with digital certifications with legal relevance drawn up by an independent international body.
Eleven Value guarantees maximum transparency to its customers by offering certifications from accredited bodies for the AgID and for the European Union.
Each diamond proposed by Eleven Value is accompanied exclusively by Gemological Certifications of international and recognized Institutes.
Maximum expertise, absolute transparency, independent and recognized certifications: customer protection is our mission.



Eleven Value seeks diamonds certified exclusively by gemological institutes universally recognized as super partes such as, mainly, the GIA, the HRD and the IGI.
The certification declares the origin, authenticity and physical characteristics.

Eleven Value chooses diamonds that comply with rigorous evaluation and certification parameters, aimed at guaranteeing intermediaries and customers the quality, nature and characteristics of each stone and its exact classification within the categories provided.

Founded in 1931, the GIA or Gemological Institute of America issues internationally recognized gemological certificates that attest to the value and physical characteristics of the stones. The institute invented the international diamond classification system in the 1940s and is one of the most accredited authorities in the world. The GIA is also a leader in research and education in the gemological field.

The history of HRD Antwerp is closely linked to the Antwerp Diamond Exchange and was founded in 1973 on the initiative of the Belgian government and leading representatives of the diamond industry. HRD Antwerp has become the leading authority in diamond certification in Europe. HRD Antwerp has offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Madrid, Ramat Gan, Mumbai, Istanbul, Shanghai, Surat and London.

The IGI or International Gemological Institute of Antwerp is the oldest independent laboratory in Europe dedicated to the certification of diamonds, colored gems and jewels. The IGI boasts 18 offices around the world and has been issuing certificates of authenticity and classification for over forty years, evaluating all those physical characteristics of the diamond that contribute to establishing its actual value on the market.



Eleven Value complies with the regulations that prohibit the marketing of diamonds from nations involved in war and terrorism events.

The Kimberley Process (KPCS) is a certification agreement designed to ensure that profits from the diamond trade are not used to finance civil wars.

The agreement leading to the birth of the KPCS certification scheme originated with a conference in Kimberley, South Africa to discuss the problematic link between diamond production and conflicts in countries of origin. In July 2002, the World Diamond Council was established in Antwerp: in line with the results of the Kimberley Conference, a system of controls on the transparency of the international rough diamond market was developed.
Today 82 countries are part of it, including Italy.

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