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Coloured Diamonds

The Color of Diamonds

In the diamond trade, something very special is the Colored Diamond. The formation process is the same, because the diamond is generated by the crystallization of carbon molecules, subjected to high pressure. If during this process, micro and macro elements remain within the structure, then the diamond becomes colored.

For each colored diamond, there are about 10,000 that will not have any coloring.

Colored Diamonds – Coloured Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds

Natural yellow diamonds are formed due to the presence of nitrogen. Among the colored ones they are the most widespread. They represent about 60% of the total.

Rough yellow diamonds are mainly found in Australia, South Africa, Brazil and occasionally Russia.

Colored Diamonds – Coloured Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

Natural blue diamonds are formed due to the presence of boron. They are extremely rare and generally have a slight hint of gray.

Rough blue diamonds are mainly found in Australia, South Africa and occasionally India.

Colored Diamonds – Coloured Diamonds

Green Diamonds

Natural green diamonds are formed by natural irradiation. For this reason, the green color is very often not uniform throughout the stone. It’s very rare.

Rough green diamonds are mainly found in Africa and South America.

Colored Diamonds – Coloured Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

Natural pink diamonds achieve this exceptional hue when the heat and pressure in the depths of the earth cause the crystal lattice to distort. These distortions cause Pink Diamonds to absorb green light and thus impart a pink color.

Pink diamonds can contain an orange, brown or purplish color. They are very rare but even rarer are natural red diamonds.

The Argyle mine in Australia produces 90% of the world’s natural pink diamonds, but less than 1% of this mine’s diamond production is pink.

This makes pink diamonds extremely rare stones, destined to become less and less available in nature.

Colored Diamonds – Coloured Diamonds

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds take this color due to a natural phenomenon of extraordinary pressure which, through the torsion in the crystal lattice, determines the typical red color.

Most of the red diamonds come from the Argyle diamond mine in Australia. But they are also found in Brazil, Russia and India.

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