Custody and Management

Service and custody
of your Diamonds


Eleven Value is the only company in the sector that accompanies all its contracts with Digital Certifications with international legal relevance.


Eleven Value offers you the opportunity to diversify your investments through certified diamonds to defend your assets.


Eleven Value is able to offer a safekeeping service for your diamonds according to the highest safety standards.


Relocating your diamonds is a simple operation. The sale of a movable asset such as diamonds is not subject to tax.

Eleven Value

Custody and Management

Eleven Value provides its customers who request it with diamonds custody systems in line with the highest safety standards.

The customer can use the Eleven Value vault to keep the diamond in complete safety, vault made available by primary Eleven Value partner banking institutions, with the possibility of requesting the diamond to be viewed or returned at any time.

The deposit and custody service offers added value to Eleven Value customers, who can sleep peacefully while protecting their property from the risk of loss and theft.

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