Diamonds Relocation

Custody of the diamonds with the
highest safety standards


Eleven Value is the only company in the sector that accompanies all its contracts with Digital Certifications with international legal relevance.


Eleven Value offers you the opportunity to diversify your investments through certified diamonds to defend your assets.


Eleven Value is able to offer a safekeeping service for your diamonds according to the highest safety standards.


Relocating your diamonds is a simple operation. The sale of a movable asset such as diamonds is not subject to tax.

Eleven Value

Diamonds Relocation

Should the customer want to relocate the diamonds, Eleven Value offers its undisputed experience to increase the chances of a quick and fruitful monetization of the investment.

The natural diamond is an asset destined to run out in nature and the reduction of the offer in the long term leads to an increasing rarity of the stone purchased by the customer. For this reason it is advisable to evaluate any resale of one’s stone only after medium-long periods of possession (for example for at least five-seven years).

Not being configured as a financial product, the sale of the diamonds between private individuals by the customer is not subject to taxation on profits as capital gains.

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