International Certified Diamonds

Protection of Savings

Fast and fruitful monetization
of the investment

Custody and Management

Service and custody
of your Diamonds

Diamonds Relocation

Custody of the diamonds with the
highest safety standards


Eleven Value is the only company in the sector that accompanies all its contracts with Digital Certifications with international legal relevance.


Eleven Value offers you the opportunity to diversify your investments through certified diamonds to defend your assets.


Eleven Value is able to offer a safekeeping service for your diamonds according to the highest safety standards.


Relocating your diamonds is a simple operation. The sale of a movable asset such as diamonds is not subject to tax.


Why to choose Eleven Value

Diversification is a golden rule to preserve your assets and reduce the risk of unexpected losses. The diamond, if appropriately allocated to the portfolio, can represent an interesting form of diversification to protect one’s assets.

Eleven Value does not represent a financial product: it consists of a purchase of a real asset aimed not only at satisfying the financial needs of the customer, but also at providing the customer with the immediate enjoyment of one of the most precious assets in nature.

Thanks to the Eleven Value product, it is possible to operate for the defense and conservation of the invested assets through the purchase and enjoyment of full possession of a directly usable asset.

Easy to store and transport, it is not perishable, neither physically nor financially. In addition, the Eleven Value product is exempt from inheritance and capital gains taxes.


Eleven Value accompanies the contracts with a Digital Certification with legal relevance drawn up by an International Independent Body.

Furthermore, each diamond is accompanied exclusively by Gemological Certifications of International and recognized Institutes.



Diversification is a golden rule that all people should adopt to preserve their assets and reduce the risk of unexpected losses. Diamonds are a diversification formula to protect assets


Eleven Value provides its customers who request it with stone storage systems in line with the highest safety standards.

The custody service is an added value to the Eleven Value customer, protecting the investment from the risk of loss and theft.



In case of relocation of the diamonds, Eleven Value puts its maximum effort into the search for the best monetization solution.

Eleven Value offers its deep experience in the diamond market to facilitate a quick and fruitful liquidation of the investment.

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